Code of conduct

This Code of Conduct for the Board, members and staff of TRANSPARENCY INTERNATIONAL RWANDA was approved by the TI-RW Board March 2012. It is based on the Statement of TI –Rw’s Mission, Vision, Values, as approved by the extraordinary general assemble of 30 December 2011 at JURU PARK HOTEL It is within this understanding that TI-RW , as one of the parts of the TI movement has developed the following Code of Conduct to guide its staff , board and members in their dayto-day work, interactions, and decision-making.

TI-rw staff, board and members are committed to uphold high standards of integrity and accountability, to act according to the core values and guiding principles of TI-RW and to promote these standards and principles . TI-RW staff, board and members are aware that they have a special role to play in promoting the organization and its ideals to other stakeholders.

The Code is a living document. Its value to the TI-RW lies in its ability to create an enhancing environment for a culture of integrity.

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