Membership :

Founder members
Ordinary members
Honorary members

A member may be a natural person or a legal person.

The founder members are those that signed the constitution of the association on 2nd August 2004.
The ordinary members are those who were admitted by the Board of Directors.
Honorary members are those members who support the activities of the association both morally and materially. They shall be accorded the status by the Board of Directors.

According to the Transparency International Rwanda constitution, in its article 11, the organs of TI-Rw. are as follow :

General Assembly
Board of Directors
Executive Secretariat
Monitoring Committee

The General Assembly is the supreme organ of the association. It is composed of all founder members as well as ordinary members.

The TI-Rw. Board of Directors is composed of 9 members elected by the TI-Rw. General Assembly. The Board of Directors is in charge of managing all the TI-Rw.`s affairs. The General Assembly elects from the nine members of the Board, a Chairperson, a first Vice Chairperson, a second Vice Chairperson and a Secretary.

Transparency International Rwanda also has an Executive Secretariat which is in charge of the daily management of the organisation. It is headed by an Executive Secretary and other support staff. Presently the total number of TI-Rw. staff is fifteen but TI-Rw. is in the process of recruitment to fill the vacant posts.

The TI-Rw. control Committee is constituted of three people elected by the General Assembly for a two year term which may be renewed once. Their duties shall be to monitor the utilisation of the finances, assets of association, management and anything else which can be for the benefit of the association and submit a report to the General Assembly.

There are also additional committees which need to be established such as the research committee and the legal affairs committee ; these are to be established in the next General Assembly.


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