A Security Incident at Transparency International Rwanda office

On 28th July 2014 at around 11:00 AM, an unknown armed man came to the office of Transparency International Rwanda and asked if the chairperson was around. The security guard politely replied that she was not around; he insisted that he wanted her (chairperson) phone number she (guard) told him that she did not have it. He insisted that he wanted the phone number; the guard advised him to leave his identity card with her, as it is always the case with other clients and proceed to the reception to ask for it.

He pretended to pull out his identity card and instead pulled out a pistol, collared her and put her at gun point. The security guard pleaded for mercy and told the gun man that she was going to look for it. He let her free and told her to look for it so that the next time he returns, he finds it with her.

Naturally the security guard was panic stricken and it took her some time before she reported the incident to the organization. When the gun man had left she gathered some courage to check if he had a car. Indeed he had one and had parked it at a distance so that its plate number was not easy to read. She saw him run to his car and drove off in another direction.

The guard described him as a tall black man wearing a court and jeans. She saw a black saloon car at a distance.

This happened following another incident, the chairperson received a phone call by someone the previous day asking her whether she was alive, he told her that he had heard news that she was shot at in Gisenyi Town.

The incident was reported to police and investigations are underway

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