What Is ALAC?

ALAC is a project that has been initiated by Transparency International with the aim of informing citizens about their legal rights and equipping them to take action in case they are victims or witnesses of corruption.

The first ALACs started in 2003 on a pilot basis by three National Chapters of Transparency International in Eastern Europe (Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia and Romania). Since then the ALAC model has become one of the most dynamic anti-corruption interventions experienced by the Transparency International movement.

So far, 42 ALACs in 32 national chapters of Transparency International have been created, and 5 among them are in Africa.

What does ALAC do?

ALAC has a free telephone hotline where citizens call and report corruption cases they have either witnessed or suffered. Citi­zens can also get in touch with ALAC via e-mail, fax or post. At Transparency International Rwanda, our free phone line is: 2641; email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and the ordinary mail can be sent to: P.O. Box: 6252
Kigali - Rwanda

ALAC provides free and confidential legal advice and assistance to the complainants, empowering them with information on corruption and how they can take action against it by reporting not only through ALAC but also through other relevant institutions. Beyond the legal assistance and advice, ALAC produces data assessing and identifying the problems of corruption; it also develops and implements anti-corruption advocacy campaigns based on the data generated from the cases or complaints it receives. ALAC uses also the information collected from cases of corruption to advocate for institutional reforms and policy changes in the targeted areas or institutions for better local and national governance.

ALAC working relationship with government institutions

Corruption is a wrong which is done in secret, away from the public eye. Evidences of this crime are therefore not easy to come by. TI-Rwanda has put up this project with the hope that the general public will fully participate in the whole endeavor. ALAC is a step prior to the submission of a complaint to government authorities that have the mandate to investigate and prosecute.

It helps clients to develop and articulate their complaints, and on their request, the ALAC lodges their complaints with relevant institutions. It helps insure that government institutions receive more detailed and elaborate complaints, making their investigation work easier.

It is in that perspective that ALAC Rwanda approached relevant government institutions such as the Office of the Ombudsman, the office of the Prosecutor General and the National Police, to develop working relationships. Those institutions have been happy with the ALAC initiative and expressed their readiness to work hand in hand with ALAC for the noble cause of fighting against corruption.

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