Findings of CPI 2013 and RBI 2013 launched

Kigali 03rd December 2013, Rwanda still performs well in the fight against corruption, but continuous efforts are still to be made in order to eradicate it completely.  This was again confirmed by the findings from the Corruption Perception Index 2013 and Rwanda Bribery Index 2013.

The CPI measures the perceived levels of public sector corruption in 177 countries and territories while the Rwanda Bribery index establishes experiences and perceptions of Rwandans with regard to bribery in the country

Ranking according to CPI

On the African continent, Rwanda was ranked fourth least corrupt with a score of 53. Only 5 African countries scored above 50 namely Botswana, Cape Verde, Seychelles, Rwanda and Mauritius. Worldwide, Rwanda ranked 49th least corrupt. Among the 177 surveyed countries, only 30% of them, Rwanda inclusive, scored above 50%.

In the East African Community, Rwanda was ranked best performer in the region.









Results from the Rwanda Bribery Index 2013

Perceived corruption in Rwanda decreased from 30.5% in 2012 to 16.2 in 2013. Only a significant minority of them (5.6%) assert that there is no corruption in the country.


Compared to 1 year ago, a vast majority of respondents (72.4%) felt that the current level of corruption in Rwanda has decreased. Almost the same majority (71.8%) felt that the state of corruption in the country in the next one year will decrease while 9.4% felt that it will increase.


A vast majority of the respondents (88%) said that they were happy with the way the Government of Rwanda was fighting against corruption followed by 6.8% of those who said that they were somewhat happy. This is an indication that the government of Rwanda was doing enough in the fight against corruption which is recommendable.


33.4% encountered bribe. Findings show that the bribe demand was higher than the bribe offered which is likely to encourage bribe incidences.



5 institutions with the highest probability to ask for bribe

1          Police (8.28 %)    
2          Local government (5.94 %)
3          Judiciary (5.08 %)
4          Private Sector (3.61 %)
5          Land bureau (3.47 %)

5 institutions with the highest probability of paying the bribe

1          Police  Traffic police (8.25 %)
2          Local government (3.62 %)
3          Judiciary (2.38 %)
4          Private Sector (2.00 %)
5          Land bureau (1.74 %)

5 institutions with the highest average size of bribe

1          Central Government (700,000 Rwfs)
2          Banks  (61,227 Rwfs)
3          Police  (47,605 Rwfs)
4          Judiciary (40,763 Rwfs)
5          Land bureau (39,591 Rwfs)

5  institutions with the highest share of bribe at the national level

1          Police (43.22)
2          Local government (24.98)
3          Banks (11.70)
4          Judiciary (7.08)
5          Rwanda revenue authority (4.53)

5 Institutions with the highest impact of bribe (No bribe, no service)

1          Judiciary (2.23 %)
2          Local government (1.78 %)
3          Central Government  (1.72 %)
4          Private Sector (1.60 %)
5          Police  (1.36 %)

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